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Support New Carbon Projects

End-to-end carbon project development solutions

Developing a new carbon offset project allows organizations to demonstrate leadership and help achieve their climate goals while aligning project benefits to their business, value chain, and community. We work closely with clients to identify projects that satisfy your organization's unique preferences for location, project type, co-benefits, long-term goals, risk profile, and investment strategy.


What Makes Us Different

50+ new U.S. offset projects co-launched since 2004   25+ active offset projects currently under long-term management


+ Proven Track Record: As an expert in North American carbon project development. 3Degrees has played an instrumental role in helping to develop over 50 new U.S. projects and currently manages over 25 carbon projects on a long-term basis.

+ Integrity & Additionality: 3Degrees’ seasoned carbon team focuses on projects with strong additionality, clear quantification of emission reductions or removals, and a deep understanding of all project participants.

+ Risk Mitigation: Our in-house team of technical carbon experts applies deep industry and regulatory acumen to help our clients mitigate investment risk. 


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