The Role of Carbon Credits in Achieving Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality and SBTi Targets

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Organizations around the world are increasingly focused on setting and achieving ambitious GHG reduction targets including carbon neutrality, science-based, and net zero emissions. However, with evolving methodologies and tools, understanding available options and developing a strategy for achieving these targets can be challenging.

In this free white paper:

  • A detailed summary of the most common GHG reduction targets - carbon neutrality, science-based, and net zero emissions
  • How these targets can work in concert to help achieve meaningful and long-term emissions reductions
  • The spectrum of strategies and tools that can map to the various targets
  • The role that carbon credits, including nature-based solutions, carbon removals, and value chain interventions play in meeting these commitments

Explore this white paper to learn how your organization can develop its own strategy for significant and impactful decarbonization.







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